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Welcome to ASB Library

The Asiatic Society maintains a library of very selective nature. Its collections include books, journals, manuscripts, and other research materials. Because of its specialized nature, the library has become a resource and reference center for academics and researchers. Total collections now stand around 25,000. Members of the Society, students, and researchers can use the library. Non-members need to take prior permission to use the library. Members, researchers, academics, and readers can get the necessary pages of the books and journals photocopied, if they want, at a minimum cost in the library. Only the members can borrow books from the library, but rare books are not issued. Besides, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh has a journal exchange program with renowned local and international organizations. Daily newspapers are served in the library for the readers.

Sunday-Thursday: 9am-4pm
N.B.: Library remains closed on Govt. holidays.

Book Issue: Only the ASB members can issue books, and a member can issue 3 (Three) books at a time for one month period.